With Christmas right behind us you are probably stuffed to the max set for the year on family drama and have taken inventory of the gifts you needed and received and the gifts you needed but perhaps Santa forgot about. We know of one gift that you might have missed out on: our gift to you. UpDesk is unveiling a new health and fitness app that will guide you into a healthier 2015. We're excited to introduce this revolutionary app free of charge to our customers. Although we're best known for our height adjustable desks and ergonomic workstations we're branching into the health and fitness app region in order to give you a product that will help you make the most of our primary product.

Because numerous studies have shown that people who alternate between sitting and standing live longer and are more productive we wanted to create an app that would allow you to track how often you should be sitting or standing each day. The app allows users to create a schedule of how often they should sit and stand at their desk each day. Alternately users can choose to generate an automatic schedule. The UpDesk app will remind you when it's time to sit or stand so that you can rest assured you're achieving maximum health. The app even features a statistics tab that records how many calories users have burned. You can easily switch from sitting to standing desk mode with our PowerUp or CrankUp stand up desks.

If being healthier is one of your New Year's resolutions our free app is a great way to put that goal into action. The app allows you to easily find the perfect balance of sitting and standing. 

Of course there are plenty of other UpDesk items you won't want to miss out on like our useful accessories. If you have any questions about UpDesk or our new app be sure to contact us today. We're eager to help in any way that you can as you strive to usher in a healthy 2015!

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