While studies have shown the multiple benefits of standing desks switching from a traditional desk to a standing desk can take some adjustment. Here are some humorous thoughts you're sure to have while using a stand up desk:

1.) This is awesome. I'm super tall and my posture rocks. I feel like breaking into song and dance and performing "A Whole New World."

2.) Dang it this is a little awkward. I keep accidentally making eye contact with random passerby in the office. Should I smile and wave or just go back to typing at my computer?

3.) Standing in heels is impossible. I'll have to pack my tennis shoes next time.

4.) Does standing up all day count as exercise? Can I just cancel my gym membership and settle for standing all day long instead? Maybe I should practice some exercises in the office instead.

5.) My legs feel like pudding/Jello wait I can't even feel my feet anymore. Buuut it's sure nicer than having my feet fall asleep.

6.) Do you think standing all day will help me live longer? I'm glad there are so many benefits of a standing desk.

7.) Good thing I can switch easily between sitting and standing. I wouldn't want to ruin the positive effects of my exercise routine.

8.) Man standing desks really are the best things since sliced bread!

9.) How did people ever survive without standing desks?

10.) I need to find the perfect chair to go along with my standing desk. A desk this great deserves to be matched with an awesome chair.

We may have had these weird (but true) thoughts a time or two so we feel you. And we know you're sure to have more thoughts about our standing desks so be sure to contact us when you do. We'd love to answer any questions you might have and help you find the perfect desk!

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