The fine folks from GeekBeatTV paid our UpDesk factory a visit and we have Instagram photos to prove it. Why did they stop by? The GeekBeatTV crew wanted to chat about the GeekBeat edition desk!

We met with them and gave a tour of our factory. If you're a standing desk user (or fan) and want to see where your office desk (or future stand up desk) is made this video is a must-see. You'll get to see stacks of our desktops in every color we offer them from maple to our gorgeous UpWrite desk with black trim and even our orange UpDesk.

Our GeekBeatTV friends even show off our scratch-n-dent section where we have several UpDesks available in every size and color with just a few "scratches and dents." You may be envisioning desks too beat up to even call an office desk or a desk that you'd be embarrassed to bring home and meet your parents. That's not what these are. It's actually difficult to spot damage on the majority of these desktops simply because we have intense quality control. And the best news yet? We're having a scratch-n-dent sale.

Now back to the tour. You'll also get to watch various parts of our standing desks be created and even see a desk get painted--and you'll also notice an absence of something: desk chairs. We won't spoil any more surprises but this video isn't just entertaining; it's also a great in-depth look at our factory and shows the ins and outs of our prized standing desks.

If you think it's time to get a new desk for your home office or day job be sure to check out our desks on our website or shoot me an email at for more information. Now settle back grab the popcorn and watch this YouTube video!

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