Cali and John from GeekBeat.TV can't agree on much when it comes to setting up their new offices at the GeekHouse. But if there's one thing they can agree on it's this: UpDesk.

As you probably know by now UpDesk recently worked with GeekBeat.TV to produce an exclusive line of new height adjustable desks just for them (and you too of course). And now that the new UpDesk stand up desk is settled in its new home at GeekBeat.TV's new headquarters John P. and Cali Lewis are giving us a sneak peek at how they've each set up their own office desk.

"There's one thing that we can both agree on...the UpDesk!" Says John P admitting that he can agree with his geeky counterpart on at least one count. "That's where this kind of begins and ends."

Both Cali and John have the UpWrite office desk and while Cali writes on hers all the time John saves his whiteboard desktop for the moments that he needs a piece of paper and can't find one...before he realizes that his whole desk is a piece of paper.

Cali's favorite part about her height adjustable desk is all the grommet holes that come standard on the new GeekBeat edition. Not only does she have two of the "Amazing Power Grommets" on her desk (each with 4 USB-ports and one extra charging port) she's even attached additional ports for all the electronics on her desk. In her defense Cali reminds us - "I am a geek after all!"

"In all fairness that is why we love the UpDesk" says John after shaking his head in disbelief. "We can put basically an infinite number [of ports] especially our special edition ones. Because we put so many holes we can put cables everywhere."

While Cali may love all the things she can plug in on her UpDesk what really makes the new height adjustable desk shine for John is how his UpDesk can go from a sitting to a standing desk with hundreds of pounds of weight sitting right on top of it.

"This is one of the benefits of the UpDesk" he says. "I can bring this all the way down even with up to like three or four-hundred pounds [300 pounds to be exact] worth of stuff on the just goes up and down it doesn't matter. We could both get on here and it won't matter."

If you're looking for the best way to set up your new UpDesk stand up desk now you can take a few cues from John and Cali. And if you haven't made the leap to a height adjustable desk there's no better time than now. From boosting your productivity to making your body burn more calories and even to helping you keep cancer at bay and ultimately live longer you can start experiencing the countless benefits of a standing desk today.

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