Finding time to exercise during your busy work week can be hard. If you want to get the most out of your day you may already have made the switch to a standing desk - and if you're really serious about getting into shape you may have even had the idea of placing a treadmill or stationary bike at your height adjustable desk. Here are a few standing desk exercises you can do while working at your UpDesk:

To work your legs try a few of these standing exercises:

  • Calf Raises: Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lift onto your toes and lower slowly back down. Do as many reps as you can throughout your day.

  • Side Leg Raises: These will work your outer thighs. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and slowly raise one leg out to the side then back down. Alternate legs.

  • Squats: You can alternate regular squats and lunges for a killer full-body workout.

If your abs are lacking a few in the six-pack area try these standing abdominal workouts.

  • Ab Brace: For the most subtle ab workout stand still and tighten your abs as if you are about to get a punch in the gut and hold for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat.

  • Posture: This may seem like a no-brainer but the simple act of standing tall with your shoulders back all day can do wonders to strengthen your core.

  • Side bend: Stand with feet hip-width apart. Bend slowly at the waist learning to the right then move back to a standing position. Repeat on alternate side. To add some resistance you can use free weights or even hold a bottle of water in each hand.

With these great workout tips you can really make the most of your day. Just think of all the time and money you'll save when you don't have to fit in gym time at the end of a busy day or spend your hard-earned money for a fitness club membership. Make sure that you don't start any of these exercise routines without first consulting your doctor.

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