Now that the lazy days of summer have turned into crisp autumn evenings Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween is one of the most memorable and fun holidays so why not decorate your office space to celebrate the occasion? Here are some creative ways to add festive flair to your desk space:

1. Black and Orange Streamers

It may seem very middle school-esque but hanging streamers in your cubicle is always a great way to get in the Halloween spirit. Twist black and orange streamers together and pin them to the wall or tape them to your (already orange and festive) PowerUp height adjustable desk. Make sure that your decorations aren't interfering with anyone else's cubicle or your ability to work efficiently though. We don't want you to have to rip your streamers down before you can say "Boo!"

2. Bowl of Candy

Entice your coworkers to say hello by keeping a bowl of candy on your computer desk. It's amazing how much community one bowl of good candy can cultivate. Keep replenishing the candy until Halloween at which point you can encourage your coworkers to go trick-or-treating at your desk. Bonus: if your coworkers bring in their kids to go trick-or-treating you can easily lower your adjustable height desk to their level so that they can pick out their own candy. Or...if by some insane reason you are not big on candy check out these other awesome fall snacks to keep handy at your desk.

3. Carved Pumpkin

Nothing says fall like carving a pumpkin. Buy a small pumpkin and carve a fun design into the side. You could carve something traditional like a Jack-o-Lantern or something more original like a scene from your favorite Halloween movie (extra points if you can carve Jared Polin's (of Fro Knows Photo) face into your pumpkin). You can even try to instigate an office-wide pumpkin carving contest which is a fun and festive way to instill workplace camaraderie. And if you don't consider yourself the Donatello of carving pumpkins consider painting one instead (because we're all about inclusivity here at UpDesk).

4. Cobwebs

For the final icing on the cake consider streaming artificial spiderwebs around your cubicle. You can purchase fake cobwebs at stores that sell Halloween decorations. The white material is made to look like spiderwebs so you can stretch it across your cubicle to create an authentic looking cobweb and to send your coworkers into a frenzy. If you really want to cause office-wide anxiety you can also tape a toy spider to the cobweb. Consider hanging the spiderwebs from the side of your UpWrite Midnight standing desk or attaching them to the cubicle walls.

These four simple ideas are a festive way to celebrate Halloween without going overboard. Follow these suggestions to add some extra flair to your cubicle this Halloween. And if you think these ideas just aren't as cool if you don't have a standing desk then what are you waiting for? Call UpDesk today at (615) 350-7085 to order your very own height adjustable desk!

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