In recent years there's been a slew of research about the dangers that can stem from working in an office all day long. From the perils of sitting down too much to the increased risk of eye strain that results from staring at a computer screen there are a host of potential problems for office workers.

Since switching your vocation probably isn't an option (or at least your first option) we wanted to share some ways that you can guarantee optimal health while in the office. Implementing these tips will help usher in a healthier 2015. Here are three of the most important health tips for office workers:

1. Prevent Eyestrain

According to TIME magazine staring at a computer screen for more than two hours at a time can lead to computer vision syndrome (CVS) a tired strained feeling you get from looking at a computer screen for too long. The condition affects up to 90% of office workers. Here are some effective ways to prevent eyestrain:


  • Reduce glare. Consider buying an anti-glare shield or filter for your monitor. Changing the brightness and contrast of your computer can also cut back on glare.

  • Take regular breaks. Experts recommend looking at objects across the office every 15-20 minutes in order to prevent eyestrain. You may want to get up and walk around your workstation or office. A simple change of scenery can help prevent eyestrain.

  • Blink regularly. This helps prevent dry eyes which often contribute to eyestrain.

  • Consider computer glasses. Specially designed to reduce glare and eyestrain these glasses are a good option for individuals who spend a majority of their time on the computer.

2. Drink Enough Water

Did you know that drinking proper amounts of water can energize muscles protect your skin help you control calories and protect your organs? Unfortunately a recent study found only 4 in 10 Americans drink adequate amounts of water. One practical way to make sure you're drinking enough water is to keep a refillable water bottle on your desk. Refill it as needed throughout the day. Choosing water in lieu of sugary drinks or soda with your lunch is another great way to guarantee you're drinking enough water. If you really want to take a wild leap of faith consider swapping your daily coffee regimen with water.

3. Rotate Between Sitting and Standing

Multiple studies have spoken of the dangers that can stem from sitting down for extended periods. Thankfully a stand up desk makes it easy to protect yourself against the unwanted effects of extended sitting. Simply switch your height adjustable desk from sitting to standing to make sure you are operating at peak efficiency. Switching from one place to the next can also be a good way to make sure you aren't spending too much time in a sedentary position. Wondering how to figure out whether you should be sitting or standing? We've created the ultimate way to find the perfect balance between sitting and standing.

By following these simple steps you can usher in a healthier workplace experience for 2015.

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