Well Christmas is right around the corner which means lots of holiday parties and (if we're lucky) lots of holiday dancing! Not only will dancing help keep you healthy amidst all the Thanksgiving feasts hot chocolate and fruitcakes dancing at your desk is practically guaranteed to warm your heart just like this festive season.

At UpDesk we're big proponents of dancing which is why we're dedicated to providing you with dance moves that will make everyone take notice - in the best way. You can check out our favorite dance moves here and here but for this installment we're doing something a little different. We're celebrating Christmas the only way we know how - by dancing at our UpDesk standing desk. Raise up that height adjustable desk turn up the Christmas music and enjoy these holiday moves to get you in the (dancing) spirit at your UpDesk.

Some people might say that Charlie Brown is the quintessential Christmas movie. Whether you agree or not there's one thing no one is arguing about - those kids know how to dance. With 10 different kid-friend dance moves (plus one from a dog) this might just be the best place to draw dancing inspiration for your office Christmas party. And the best part? Since most of these require very little space you can practice right at your stand up desk.

What's the one thing better than Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer shaking his booty? You shaking your booty just like him. All you have to do to master these moves is take a couple steps away from your desk push away that office chair and bust out your best cartoon dancing skillz. Pump those fists move that booty and let the Christmas spirit carry you away on Santa's sleigh with Rudolph at the helm.

Kevin McCallister we love you and your unbridled joy at being abandoned by your family. After a long day of work at your height adjustable desk there's nothing better than closing your computer stretching your legs...and running around the house dancing like a crazy person. You deserve it.

At the end of the day is there any better way to enjoy this festive holiday season than with a little dance party? With these Christmas dance moves you'll be spreading Christmas cheer at your stand up desk and all over the office. And if you're in the habit of sharing all those awesome dance moves on Twitter or Instagram add #StandingDeskDanceParty to all your posts. We love seeing all the amazing standing desk dance moves you come up with and are all set to feature them for all the world to see.

Did we miss one of your all-time favorite Christmas dance moves? Let us know in the comments section below!

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