How Sitting At Your Desk Can Cause Anxiety (Or Something Even Worse…)

If your heart beats faster when you think about your UpDesk standing desk you don't need to worry - that's a completely normal physiological response. But if your heart beats fast all the time you might want to check out this recent Business Insider article about anxiety and its link to sedentary behavior. Yes It's finally been confirmed: Sitting too much is pretty much the worst thing ever.

We already knew that sitting too much at your computer desk was bad and we knew about all of the adverse physical effects. We knew that sitting too much at a traditional office desk increased the risk of heart disease. We knew that it increased the risk of type 2 diabetes. And the risk of osteoporosis. And the risk of obesity.

Anxiety is a pretty nasty thing. Researchers weren't sure why the studies found a correlation between being overly sedentary and feeling overly anxious. They pointed out that sitting too much can cause problems with sleeping lower metabolism and social interaction. Each of those could result in increased levels of anxiety.

In the midst of all this bad news we want to point out that the article is called "This new study about anxiety will make you want a standing desk." No we didn't make that title up but we think it's awesome. Because a standing desk could change your life and we're not just saying that because we make standing desks.

Of course sit-to-stand desks aren't without their own risks. For example there's the risk of weight loss. Not unhealthy weight loss of course - we're simply referring to the fact that you burn more calories - up to 50 more an hour - while you stand.

Then there's the risk of hyper-focus. That's what happens when you push the "up" button on your UpDesk stand up and experience a renewed sense of clarity and vision about the task at hand. This is partially a result of increased blood flow and partially a result of simply shifting your position.

And most critical of all is the risk of mega-productivity which is a potential side effect of hyper-focus. 

But if you can handle these risks we think that a standing desk might be a great choice for you. Check one out today at We're confident that the only anxiousness you'll feel is from the excitement of waiting for your new desk to be delivered!

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