Whether you work in a home office a cubicle or a luxurious office on the 56th floor in Rockefeller Center working indoors can be a drag--in the summer when the sun is shining and the beach is calling and also in the fall. That's when the autumn winds blow in prompting beautiful tree colors (in parts of the country) ubiquitous pumpkins and the smell of bonfires.

At UpDesk we know that sometimes the call of the outdoors and experiencing the seasons may be a whole lot louder than the important memo that just appeared in your inbox. So if you need to stay standing at your stand up desk or workstation to finish that all-important email you still deserve a little reprieve from the indoors. Why not bring autumn inside your office space? Here are a few ideas.

Drink All Day

Pumpkin spice lattes hot apple cider hazelnut coffee--there's lots of ways to get your drink on autumn style and get a taste of the festivities of fall ... without ever leaving your standing desk. You have my permission to drink all day--as long as it's office-approved...

Gourd Yourself on Decorations

Okay so maybe that pun doesn't work so well. But decorations can really help amp up the ambience of your office and get you into a seasonal spirit. Why not stick a mini pumpkin on top of your stand up desk pile a bunch of gourds onto your conference room table or set a mum at the receptionist's desk? You can even string some colored leaves around your cubicle or do something simple and change the background on your computer.

Tune Into the Tunes

Nothing changes a dull stuffy office environment more than music--even if it's going directly into your earbuds and no one else's. When I think of autumn tunes I think of the stuff coffeeshop playlists are made of maybe with some jazz thrown in. Whatever type of music gets you into the spirit of fall (or the spookiness of Halloween) be sure to treat your ears with some good autumn-feeling tunes.

Now there are a lot of other ways to make your office environment feel more like the outdoors. Why not get all orange office supplies? Post-it notes legal pads highlighters ... and an orange UpDesk. At UpDesk we aim to raise the standard of standing desks--and help users everywhere get a little more enjoyment motivation and physical fitness out of work.

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