Did you know that UpDesk is more than just one standing desk? All our products are height adjustable so that you can find the perfect balance between sitting and standing and always be sure that your desk is the perfect height. And when your desk is the right height it keeps you from standing incorrectly and helps you have better posture and even alleviate back pain. But once you've made the decision to switch to a stand up desk there are still a few major decisions to make - but don't worry they're the fun ones. With UpDesk there are lots of great options to make sure your height adjustable desk fits your lifestyle and preferences perfectly.

Pick Your Desk Power

And with the PowerUp or the CrankUp option you've got two great ways to raise and lower your height adjustable desk. PowerUp desks allow you to find your perfect height with just the touch of a button. These electrically powered desks have a 300lb. lifting capacity and can adjust anywhere from 25.5" to 50.5" so you can sit when you want stand when you want and always do it in seconds. The CrankUp desk requires a bit more work...but not much. With this easy-to-use manually powered desk you can adjust your desk from 26.5" to 42.5" with just a few turns of the light-touch crank. Starting at just $699 the CrankUp is also a great economical alternative to the PowerUp if you're looking for a way to pinch those pennies and still experience all the benefits of a standing desk.

Pick Your Power: CrankUp - PowerUp

Pick Your Desk Shape & Size

UpDesk comes in all shapes and sizes to match what you need in your office. Whether you're looking for a compact standing desk to fit inside your home office an executive-sized desk to keep everything organized or something in between we've got you covered. Almost all our UpDesk standing desks come in three sizes. And once your height adjustable desk kicks your productivity and collaboration into high-gear we're betting that a big promotion is in your future. Now you can choose between the contoured front edges that come standard with UpDesk OR you can choose the SquaredUp corner desk for your new big-time corner office. it even comes in two sizes as well.

Pick Your Size: 48"x30" Small - 60"x30" Medium - 72"x30" Large Check out the UpDesk SquaredUp

Pick Your Desktop Material

Now for the really fun part. What kind of customizable standing desk company would we be if we didn't let you pick your own desktop look? Not only do we have the classic maple look rich mahogany or sleek black for you to choose from there's also the Orange UpDesk which will never cease to brighten up your day and make all your coworkers jealous. And if that weren't enough here's our personal favorite of the UpDesk family: the UpWrite. With its all whiteboard erasable surface the UpWrite is the perfect place to keep all your urgent to-do lists important things to remember and grand ideas. And since it comes in traditional whiteboard style OR in slick black (with neon dry-erase markers) you can't go wrong when you pick this revolutionary height adjustable desk!

Pick Your Desktop: Maple - Mahogany - Black - Orange - UpWrite - UpWrite Midnight

Not Ready for A Full-Time Standing Desk?

If the perfect standing desk for you is not an actual desk UpDesk is still perfect for you. Check out the newest addition to our team - the UpDesk PopUp. This brand new stand up desk solution can hold one or two computer monitors takes up minimal space on your existing desk and goes up and down in a matter of seconds to always be at the perfect height whether you're sitting or standing. The PopUp is perfect for your stationary cubicle desk home office desk or even if you're just starting to consider switching to a height adjustable desk and want to start experiencing all the benefits of a standing desk firsthand.

Learn more: UpDesk PopUp

With all these amazing UpDesk stand up desk options it's hard to know which one is best for you. Call UpDesk today at (615) 350-7085 and talk to us about what you need - we can help you determine the best desk for your needs and get you on the road to a healthy and happy standing desk life in no time!

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