No matter if you have a standing or sitting desk one thing will happen: it will get dirty. Whether it's dust coffee drips a spilled lunch or the result of your toddler visiting your office you'll eventually need to clean your desk. Before you grab the heavy-duty bleach or your favorite cleaner you might want to see what we suggest.

The best way to clean the surface of UpDesk standing desks is to use water along with any non-abrasive cleaning sprays or liquids. Many all-purpose spray cleaners work (and extra points if they're a green product) as well as other household cleaners like Bar Cleaners Friend.

Be sure to shy away from abrasive cleaners like all-purpose powder and liquid formulas scouring pads and anything else you think may alter the appearance or function of your desk's surface. If you have an UpWrite our beautiful white desk with dry-erase capabilities we'd recommend you stay away from the bleach even if you want to cover up the drawing your kid drew with a permanent marker.

If you have any questions on what to use (or not use) on your standing desk be sure to ask me at or hit me up on Twitter. If you want to show off your newly-cleaned workstation be sure to link up with me on Instagram. And then read my tips on how to organize your UpDesk -- what's better than a shiny spic and span stand up desk without any clutter?

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