Here's a few sly tips and tricks we've got up our sleeves to help you convince your boss that you need a height adjustable desk:

State the Facts

If you've been reading the UpDesk blog for any period of time you most definitely know all the reasons sitting is bad. All the reasons sitting kills. Not only is sitting in that desk chair all day linked to cancer and 34 other chronic illnesses it can also lead to weight gain bad posture and it even negates all that time you spend in the gym. Take some time to research and craft a compelling case as to why you need a standing desk and why you need it NOW. You don't want to be too dramatic about it but you do want to express the urgency and importance of getting that standing office desk in your office ASAP.

Share the Benefits

Whether you're looking for ways to boost productivity or increase group collaboration there are lots of reasons that height adjustable desks help teams work more efficiently and effectively. And standing desks also help employees focus better and keep their energy up when working individually as well. And if that wasn't enough to convince your boss show them all the ways that standing desks actually help them save money on health insurance when their employees are keeping fit and staying healthy at their desk.

Join the Club

Twitter's doing it. Facebook's doing it. One of the most compelling statements you can make to your employer might just be about who else is jumping on the stand up desk band wagon. Look for other companies organizations or schools in your industry who have adopted the height adjustable desk lifestyle.

Get Ready to Compromise

As much as we would love to say that the three points above will magically buy an UpDesk for you and everyone else in your office we know that might not happen. While a desk from UpDesk is one of the most affordable standing desk options the mighty dollar is still something you know your boss will be thinking about. So maybe you can't convince your boss to invest in a standing desk for everyone in the office right off the bat. Why not ask for just a few to be purchased and placed in strategic spots around the office? Who knows maybe if your boss sees everyone in the office fighting to work at the standing desk in the conference room or common work area they'll finally be ready to buy one for everyone.

At UpDesk we're all about helping you live the most healthy productive and fun life - both at home and at work. If you want an affordable and dependable height adjustable deskwe've got you covered. Give us a call today at (615) 350-7085.

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