Major deadlines loom and everyone calls in sick. Final reports are due and the printer breaks. The board meeting is tomorrow and you're still crunching the numbers. Of all the things that make you anxious at work one thing is true: stress sucks. Not only does stress cause productivity focus and all around happiness to drastically diminish it actually affects businesses on a corporate level as well. When individual employees are stressed the entire office feels it and the entire office suffers the consequences. So whether you're an overworked overstressed employee or the boss of an overworked overstressed office we'll say it again: stress sucks.

But here's the good news: it's never too late to turn your stressed out life around. And UpDesk isn't just in the business of creating stand up desks - we're also here to help. Here are five easy ways you can cope with stress at work and create a healthy and happy life both in the office and outside of it.

1. Get a Standing Desk - We're listing this one first because it's kind of a no-brainer. By now it should be no secret that sitting is the silent killer but it also affects every single part of your body including your stress levels. So when you work from a height adjustable desk that allows you to stand while you work you combat everything from depression to cancer and cultivate everything from increased productivity to coworker collaboration.

2. Get Fit - The best way to manage stress is to stay in shape. Not only does regular exercise keep your physical health at its peak it keeps your mental and emotional health in good form as well. Staying active keeps your mind active and focused and since it releases endorphins exercise can also play a big role in helping you stay positive and happy even during those stressful times at work. Plus if you followed our first piece of advice you should already have a stand up desk to help you stay active and moving throughout your day. Try these simple exercises or yoga moves you can do right at your height adjustable desk to stay fit and keep stress from ruling your life at work.

3. Get Away - Sometimes the best way to beat stress is to just remove yourself from it. So in the middle of a long hard day at work don't be afraid to take a 10-minute break and walk away from your desk to get a change in scenery. Stretch your legs take a few deep breaths and rest your eyes away from the computer. The best thing to do is get outside and go for a quick walk (it boosts creativity among a host of other benefits) but if you can't do that just go someplace quiet where you can rest your tired eyes and stressed mind and recharge for a few minutes. You'd be surprised at how just a few minutes away from your work will actually make it better.

4. Get a Rhythm - While there are many health benefits of a standing desk using one while you work is only one part of creating a life that is holistically healthy and happy. You don't want to just fight against stress at work you want to prevent it in all of your life right? That's why it's so important to build healthy habits in both your work and personal life. Keeping stress at bay starts with simple things like a good night of sleep a healthy diet and staying hydrated which are all things you can easily control by setting up a good rhythm for your life

5. Get THE Rhythm - Okay this one may seem like a joke but we couldn't be more serious about it: dance! Not only can dancing give you that same burst of active movement and mood-enhancing endorphins that exercise's just a darn good time. So if you're in the middle of a major deadline and all your coworkers are feeling the pressure press pause on the work for just a few minutes and hit play with a stress-releasing dance party. And we know it works even better with your standing desk...we've tried it ourselves. (Need some help coming up with dance moves? Check out our killer dance moves for your height adjustable desk here and here.)

With just a few simple changes and a trusty standing desk from UpDesk you'll be well on your way to a life of less stress and more creativity productivity and all-around happiness.


If you're ready to start experiencing all the benefits of a standing desk call UpDesk today at (615) 350-7085. From the first ever whiteboard standing desk to the innovative height adjustable corner desk UpDesk has all the height adjustable desks you need to make this year the best year yet!

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