Sitting for hours on end sugary treats in the breakroom and arduous meetings crammed into a stifling conference room are all very much a part of many work environments today specifically office jobs. If this sounds familiar don't feel discouraged. There are ways to create a healthy work environment--it just takes a little bit of discipline.

1. Encourage Healthy Eating

Sometimes during a long and stressful day the last thing you want is a bagful of carrot sticks. Instead you'll try to beat that afternoon slump for a deep fried donut coated in an irresistible layer of sugar. However it often does more harm than good making you even more tired after the sugar shoots its way through your system.

You can encourage healthy eating at your office--and it doesn't have to be "diet food." If there's birthday cake make sure bowls of fresh fruit and yogurt are also available. Place pitchers of ice water flavored with lemons or limes by the coffee machine and ensure that the break room is always stocked with healthier options such as protein-filled cheese sticks granola bars and in-season fruit.

2. Walking Meetings

Walking meetings are the perfect way to get some exercise enjoy the fresh air and still get work done. It can get tedious to sit in a stuffy office all day but the act of walking plus your elevated heart rate will help you pay more attention during your meeting than if you're sitting around a conference table. If it's the dead of winter look for a nearby gymnasium to walk laps around for your meeting--or you could even just hold your meeting standing up. At UpDesk we deeply believe in the merits of standing and movement which is why we offer the standing desk.

3. Sponsored Gym Memberships

There are many offices that offer sponsored gym memberships to their employees. While there is an upfront cost it will likely be less expensive than having to pay expensive health insurance premiums for unhealthy employees. In the long run office-sponsored gym memberships will help employees stay fit healthy and sickness-free making it a much less expensive option than huge health insurance plans.

4. Little Reminders

Often it's the little decisions we make throughout the day that make our overall health suffer. Grabbing an extra cookie by the coffeepot taking the elevator instead of the stairs sitting slouched forward in your office chair without taking a break--these all lead to bigger health problems over time. That's why it's important to continually remind yourself that little decisions can make a big difference in whether they help or hurt your overall well-being. Post a sign near the elevators about the benefits of taking the stairs. Set an alarm while working reminding yourself to stretch every 15-30 minutes.

5. Standing Desks

We can't talk about creating a healthy workplace environment without talking about how a stand up desk can boost energy in the office. Sitting at a desk all day can be extremely draining--and taxing on your body and as we've said so many times it may actually be slowly killing you. If you use a standing desk you'll know that there are immediate and long-term benefits. You burn more calories work more productively have more energy - the list goes on. By having standing desks in the workplace it shows that you're serious about instilling a positive and healthy environment in the office--every single day.

At UpDesk we believe work environments should be healthy. After all most working adults spend 40 hours a week or more in an office. That's a lot of time invested in one place and it should be beneficial not detrimental. These five ideas are just the tip of the iceberg; there are so many additional ways to create a healthy office and we'd love to hear your ideas as well.

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