If you are the proud owner of an UpDesk congratulations. You are probably already noticing the benefits from a standing desk one of them being increased productivity. Did you know you can create an even more productive workspace with just a few small changes? We've compiled a few of our favorites. And the best part? They're really inexpensive.

Add Desk PlantsHave you ever noticed after taking a walk outside after a busy day your brain feels refreshed and your shoulders feel a bit more relaxed? It's one of nature's restorative benefits. Plants relieve stress and increase productivity by 12 percent--something to really get excited about. Get out to your greenhouse and pick up a few plants; by adding greenery into your workspace you could get the other kind of green flowing into the bank.

Adjust the Temperature

Sometimes productivity can be adjusted along with your thermostat. People are most productive in temperatures between 71 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit so increase or decrease your home office temp according to those specifications.

Paint a More Productive Environment

Colors affect us more than we realize. They can directly affect productivity energy mood and many other areas. The color for the best concentration and productivity is orange--the perfect reason to buy an orange stand up desk. A few other colors that help foster a more productive attitude are bright colors such as yellow red and white. Although it would be a little intense to have an office painted completely in a loud color accent walls curtains or even home office furniture in these colors can work positively to boost your mind's focus.

Cut the Clutter

Clutter and disorganization naturally leads to a less productive office space. When everything is in its place on your desk you can things done quickly instead of hunting around for those meeting note for 10 minutes. Eliminating clutter may seem simple but we think it's simply wonderful. Our UpDesk is the prime example of a clutter-free desk. Clean lines minimal design and a wide open space helps us breathe--and it will help you too.

So give these ideas a try; your to-do list items are ready to be crossed off. Run to the greenhouse grab some paint and get to work.

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