According to Dr. David Agus a leading cancer doctor and biomedical researcher sitting for more than five hours a day is the health equivalent of smoking a pack and a quarter of cigarettes. Spending too much time in a sedentary position has been proven to reduce mobility and flexibility increase health problems and limit productivity. Thankfully standing desks allow users to easily switch between standing and sitting in order to limit the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. But how much time should you spend sitting and standing each day? Sometimes it's hard to know what to do. Research has revealed the best sitting/standing ratio for individuals who work in a traditional office setting. Without further ado here it is:

1. Stand Up Every 20 Minutes

Scientists have found that sitting for more than one hour induces biochemical changes. Research has revealed that our bodies benefit from standing up every 20 minutes. Gretchen Reynolds a health expert for The New York Times wrote "New science shows very persuasively that standing up about every 20 minutes even for only a minute or two reduces your risks of developing diabetes and heart disease. By standing up you cause the big muscles in your legs and back to contract which leads to an increase in certain enzymes that break up fat in the blood stream." There's no need to jog in place or do jumping jacks; the simple act of standing will work wonders. Our bodies benefit simply from having our muscles contract and expand as we stand up and sit down. AND...standing also protects your DNA.

2. Focus on Movement

Once you've mastered the art of standing up every 20 minutes you should incorporate a few basic movements into the routine. Researchers from The Cornell Ergonomics Lab suggested "Stand up every 20 minutes for two minutes and move. Build a pattern of creating greater movement variety in the workplace." They recommend swaying rocking and stretching while standing. You can also do some basic movement while sitting at your desk. Try rocking back and forth occasionally or swaying from side to side. You could also try taking the stairs instead of the elevator having a walking meeting with your coworker or our CrankUp ergonomic desks allow you to manually hand crank your desk to match your preferences. You can get a little extra exercise into your routine simply by cranking your desk up or down.

Looking for an easy way to improve your health? Three words: height adjustable desks. UpDesks make it easy to transition between standing and sitting. Whether you're interested in purchasing your own standing desk or wondering about some of the features on the one you already own you should contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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