According to a study conducted by the Telework Research Network one in five Americansnow work from home. Individuals who work from home reported that they were able to manage their time more effectively and accomplish more. However working from home has its own set of challenges. It's easy to get distracted. It's easy to lose focus.

Thankfully there are a number of ways you can stay focused when work from home. Here are a few strategies that will keep you on track:

1. Start Early

When you work from home it's easy to push the snooze button again and again. But starting early in the day can help you start off on the right track. As photographer Scott Wyden Kivowitz noted "I am so much more productive first thing in the morning than I am if I wait until 8am or 9am to start the day." Starting your workday in a timely manner will help you feel more focused and productive.

2. Create an Ideal Workstation

Working from home means you don't have to deal with fluorescent lighting or tiny cubicles. Unfortunately it also means your space might be more cluttered or disorganized. Do yourself a favor and create a pleasant orderly workstation. Kivowitz wrote "My home office is basically a bedroom. However I have converted it into a more creative space with my photographs on the walls a white board photography and marketing books and much of my photographic equipment throughout. I also use a standing desk from UpDesk." (Hey we think this guy is onto something!) Having a height adjustable desk makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. There are countless benefits of a standing desk (including being able to have awesome dance parties) so be sure to consider one if you work from home.

3. Dress Professionally

Before starting work in the morning take a shower and do your hair or makeup. And be sure to wear professional clothes. Not surprisingly taking the time to actually get dressed and get ready will help you feel much more productive than you would if you just wore pajamas all day. Wearing actual clothes will send your brain the message that you're here to work.

Oh and if one of the things you love most about working from home is the ability to break into impromptu dance parties at any moment you're not alone. At UpDesk we love a good dance party. In fact we even have a few great dance moves we think you'll love. If you have any questions about our standing desks be sure to contact us today. We're happy to answer any questions you have!

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