According to ABC News Americans work more than anyone in the industrialized world. They also work longer hours take fewer vacations and retire later. With the advent of cell phones and the Internet it's increasingly difficult for individuals to actually unplug from their work lives once they get home each night. Thankfully there is a silver lining...

In a recent article called "How to Leave Work at 5 p.m. and Still Get Everything Done" Forbes writer Kathryn Dill outlined some steps individuals can take to make sure that their work doesn't cut into their personal life. Here are some things that she recommends doing:

  1. Figure Out How You're Really Spending Your Time

Do you take several social media breaks each day? Do you get easily distracted by emails or office conversations? Do you encourage coworkers to routinely stop by your desk just to chat? Do you try to multitask frequently? Productivity consultant Julie Morgenstern recommends starting by figuring out how you're actually spending every hour of your day. She suggests creating a daily time log (or using the app Eternity Time Log) to figure out what you're doing vs. what you think you've been doing. After completing the time log Morgenstern states "You can find where you wasted time and start to tweak it."

  1. Focus on the Most Important Tasks

Laura Vanderkam author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think tells readers not to worry about all the minor tasks that need to be completed in any given day. Instead she recommends writing down only 3-5 things that absolutely have to be completed each day. "Truly think through what your priorities are for the workday" she encourages. Staying focused on a few major projects will prevent you from flitting aimlessly from activity to activity.

  1. Build a Lifestyle that Promotes Productivity

Another proven way to increase productivity: buy a height adjustable desk. Research has shown that standing desks can improve workplace productivity by at least 10%. Business Insider reported that a stand up desk helped workers focus better work more efficiently and get more things done. Plus they experienced fewer headaches.

In order to improve your workplace productivity it's important to figure out how you're actually spending each minute of your day and how you can best prioritize your time. It's also important to make sure that your workplace environment encourages productivity. Buying a CrankUp or UpWrite desk can improve your productivity and focus. Contact UpDesk today to purchase your very own standing desk.

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