How To Incorporate Hygge Into Your Work Day

Have you heard of the concept hygge? It’s pronounced hue-guh and it is a Danish word that acknowledges a special feeling or moment. However, it’s become so much more than just a word, but a movement that people around the globe practice.

What is Hygge?

You might grasp the concept of acknowledging a special moment or feeling, but what does that mean in your daily life? What does that look like?

The practice of hygge transforms life from a dull to-do list into a series of small, special, and meaningful practices. It turns life from a science to an art. So for example, taking a moment to enjoy the practice of doing something small that you enjoy. But did you know that you can practice hygge at work?

How Can I Incorporate Hygge Into My Work Day?

Make Sure You Regularly See Something that Brings You Joy

It is rare to find an office setting that encourages individualism and creativity. So if you’re in an office that values uniformity and function over anything else, perhaps there are small things you can place on your desk that would appear to be professional, but still bring you a great deal of joy. You might consider placing some of the following items on your desk:

  • A small vase of flowers, or even just a single flower, that you buy for yourself every Monday on the way to work.
  • A discreet, yet custom, business card holder has your favorite color on it.
  • A picture of your loved ones from a very happy time. If you’re not allowed to have pictures, consider putting a picture on your desktop or even saving a file of the picture and taking time to look at it throughout the day.
  • Wear something that you feel good in, even if it’s just a bracelet or watch that makes you happy.

Find Something that Feels Cozy

An office setting is rarely considered to be synonymous with the word “cozy.” Often it’s cold, sterile, or just plain boring. This means it is the perfect place, though, for you to find an opportunity to create your hygge moment. Maybe it’s just the act of snuggling into your chair just right. If appropriate, perhaps when you’re at your desk you can slip out of your work shoes and into some soft slippers. You might even light a candle in the morning and take a quick second to indulge in the striking of a match or the exact moment that the wick ignites. Whatever it is, find or create something cozy in your office.

Enjoy the Movement

Working throughout the day, especially if you’re working in a traditional office setting, can be stressful on your body because, typically, most people sit in one position and rarely move. This can cause you to feel stiff. Take little breaks throughout the day and enjoy stretching your muscles and each movement you make.

Better yet, if you’re able to, talk to your HR department about investing in standing desks. There are many studies that suggest that standing desks can benefit your health, but even if just for the practice of hygge alone, using a standing desk can create opportunity for you to enjoy the gift of movement throughout your workday, encouraging you to work more comfortably.

Embracing the feeling of hygge at work, UPDESK offers a range of electric standing desks, including the UPDESK Pro that features Danish-designed LINAK lifting columns--turning an everyday action into an art. These compact, quiet, and powerful legs quickly lift and lower, allowing you to enjoy the shift of positions without the major inconvenience of disturbing your neighbors or having to use a crank. Check out the options available to you and find the standing desk that fits your needs best.

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