So you're in the market for a new computer desk and you've seen all sorts of articles and blogs about the health benefits of a standing desk. But you're not sure if a standing office desk is right for you. After all they're a little more expensive than a traditional desk. How do you know if a standing desk is a good investment for your health?

We recently ran across a great animated video about how too much sitting can be detrimental to your health and we think it answers that question very well. Without further ado here's a list of specific types of people who might experience health benefits from having a standing desk.

People who don't want to have back problems in the future

We understand that some people may want to have back problems later in life. But those of us who don't should consider the fact that excessive sitting can cause excessive wear and tear on your spinal discs. And if that's not something you're into a standing office desk might be a great investment.

People who like their lungs to function properly

Sitting for too long on a consistent basis can strain muscles that help balance your position. This shrinks your chest cavity limiting the amount of oxygen that your lungs can take in. Not only can that cause trouble when you're walking up a flight of stairs it can also be detrimental to your focus while you're at work.

People who aren't interested in getting cancer or heart disease

If you're one of those rare folks who just can't seem to get excited about cancer or heart disease a standing desk might be a great choice for you. Recent studies suggest that cancer and heart disease are two of the long term effects of an overly-sedentary lifestyle.

People who want to avoid liver problems kidney problems and diabetes

We don't know you personally but we'd bet that you're the type of person who isn't especially interested in an increased risk of liver problems kidney problems or diabetes. And if we're right then you might want to pop on over to and take a look at all the great options we have.

We're not saying that a standing desk will prevent you from having health problems. But we are saying that studies show a correlation between less sitting and better health. And if you're the specific type of person who's interested in better health a standing desk might be the right choice for you.

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