It's no secret that office meetings can drag on for far too long. Many office workers find that daily meetings take up a significant part of their mornings or afternoons leaving them with little time to finish other important tasks. Although you can't get rid of meetings completely there are some ways to make them better. According to an article posted on there are three key ways to make meetings more enjoyable and productive. If you're running a meeting in your office implement these three tips to make meetings better faster and more fun.

1. Better

Research has shown that removing chairs from a conference room can result in higher levels of productivity and engagement. If you want to improve workplace collaboration openness and creativity you should stand during meetings. Research has found that buying standing desks for employees can boost their productivity by at least 10%. If you're having a one-on-one meeting consider having it near your standing desk. Holding a meeting at your workstation is a great way to ensure that you'll work faster and more efficiently.

2. Faster

If you're running the meeting you should begin by asking employees what they need to do in order to be fully engaged and attentive. Dick Axelrod coauthor of Let's Stop Meeting Like This says that the needs vary from person to person. One person might need a specific piece of information; another person might need to leave at a particular time to take a call; another person might need to have a printed sheet of notes in order to follow along with the key points. Knowing what your employees need and want from meetings can enable them to run more smoothly.

3. More Fun

Looking for a surefire way to increase collaboration and focus? Make meetings optional. Axelrod notes "Eric Lindblad a vice president at Boeing lets his employees make the decision to attend or leave a meeting early." This guarantees that the people who are there are focused and attentive. You may not be able to make every meeting optional but doing so occasionally can improve employee drive and dedication.

Another proven way to make meetings better is of course to invest in a stand up desk. Research has shown that ergonomic desks increase productivity and focus in offices. Contact our office to learn more about buying your own stand up desk. You're sure to make meetings better faster and more fun when you have an UpDesk of your own!

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