Well you've decided to make the switch to a standing desk - way to take a stand. Your back your energy levels and your overall happiness level will thank you. But like any new addition or change in life it has to happen somewhat gradually. Don't go cold-turkey and throw out your office chair quite yet. Here are a few helpful steps to help you easily transition into a full-time standing pro...and soon that chair might just be used by all the people who want to hang out with you as the office trendsetter.

  1. Don't Ditch the Desk Chair. Since UpDesks can be easily raised or lowered you can go back and forth between sitting and standing whenever you want to. Today you can try standing for 15 minutes and sitting for 30. Next week switch to standing for 30 and sitting for 15. Or maybe you even want to stand for 30 sit for 15...and dance for 15. Whatever you decide the easy maneuvering of the UpDesk will make your move to standing a cinch.
  1. Hit the Right Height. It may seem hard to believe but standing desks are not one-size-fits-all. With the UpDesk height adjustable desk you can make sure that your standing desk is customized to the unique little snowflake that you are. An easy way to figure out the right height for your stand up desk? Check your computer monitor. Lifehacker says that if you align your desk so that your eyes hit the top two-thirds of your primary display that will be the perfect height. (Check out their article for a handy image tutorial on how to do that.)
  1. Accessorize Wisely. There are a ton of great add-ons that can help you keep standing. Single or dual monitor supports easily clamp on to your UpDesk and put your computer screen at the right height so you won't be hunching like you live in Notre Dame. And your feet will thank you if you invest in a trip-resistant anti-fatigue floor mat to keep standing like a champ all day.

There you have it. Three helpful tips for making the switch to an UpDesk standing desk. You'll be standing in no time and reaping all the benefits. And we would love to hear about your experience! Share your UpDesk story via Twitter or Instagram...who knows you might just see it in one of our monthly social media round ups.

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