How To Use Your First Standing Desk

Congratulations! You purchased your first height-adjustable standing desk, and you’re well on your way to better health and productivity in your work space.

So, now what?

Many people purchase standing desks without the proper education as to how to use them most effectively. It’s the same as giving a Ferrari to a 16-year-old; it might be really cool, but pretty useless (and even dangerous) when left in the hands of someone without the proper knowledge or training.

Here are three ways we’ve found how to enjoy your standing desk for years to come:

#1 - Listen To Your Body

Often times at UpDesk, we hear people express dissatisfaction over the comfort of standing for long periods of time. The initial reaction to many newcomers to the standing desk world is to try to stand for the majority of the time. Truth is, the benefit to a standing desk is not just “standing” or “sitting”, but rather “movement”. Don’t try to stand up all day right away - try to listen to your body. We recommend trying to stand up for 20 minutes every hour to begin. Don’t over-do it at first - as you get more comfortable with that, increase by 5 minutes per hour over the course of a few days or weeks. Eventually, you’ll be able to recognize your body wanting to stand or sit.

#2 - Experiment With Your Desk’s Variable Height

The general rule of thumb is that, to have the most optimal ergonomic standing desk setup, your elbows should be at a 90* angle to your keyboard while typing, and your eyes should be at the same level as the top third of your computer monitor. Because your standing desk has infinite height configurations, even small changes to your desk’s height can have significant impact on your body. Experiment with your desk’s height to find the perfect fit for your unique body.

#3 - Accessorize Your Standing Desk Environment

While your standing desk can function great on it’s own, a select set of accessories can really help you to enjoy your desk more quickly. We often recommend an anti-fatigue floor mat to cushion your feet and provide a shock-absorber to your knees while you’re standing at your desk. Another great, and often overlooked, accessory is our Spooner Board, which allows you to engage your core while on your feet. It’s not as scary as it looks… we promise.

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