Let's talk about your taste. First of all we know you have good taste when it comes to office furniture because you have an UpDesk standing desk. And if you don't you should. Okay now that we've got that out of the way let's go a little deeper. We think we can analyze you based on your taste in office furniture and that in doing so we can predict your taste in coffee. This exercise might sound trivial but it's actually really important so we'd recommend you keep reading.

Do you have an UpDesk PopUp? If so we'd bet that a quick shot of espresso is your coffee beverage of choice. We're right aren't we? Here's how we figured it out. Espresso is the quickest most compact and most efficient way to give yourself that caffeinated boost of coffee flavor. And the PopUp is the quickest way to give your office desk that boost in height that allows you to be more productive and comfortable while working.

Do you have an UpDesk PowerUp? This is an easy one. People who choose the PowerUp for their computer desk almost invariably order caffè Americano at the coffee shop. That's because they like things that are authentic strong and a good value. A caffè Americano combines the strong full flavor of espresso with the value volume and authenticity of drip coffee. The UpDesk PowerUp is also authentic. You might even say it's UpDesk's flagship standing desk. And like a well-made caffè Americano it's strong: It features a durable high-pressure laminate surface and twin-lift capability. And with features like that it's a good value.

Do you have an UpDesk UpWrite? The UpWrite is the perfect computer desk for the creative type. Its surface will be the canvas on which you can create your art whether that takes the form of scribbles and doodles or whether it's all those sales figures you still need to enter into your monthly report. The kind of person who uses an UpWrite for their office desk is likely to choose a latte for their coffee of choice. That's because in the hands of the right barista the foamy surface of a latte can be a canvas as well.

No matter which coffee beverage raises your spirits in the morning you'll be sure to find an UpDesk that will do the same. Raise your standard with a standing office desk today by visiting updesk.com.

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