Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if standing desks like the UpDesk didn't exist? We shudder at the thought... Not only are stand up desks like the UpWrite Midnightawesome they pack a hearty punch full of benefits - everything from decreased risk of disease to increased risk of spontaneous dance parties. But really. What if they weren't around? Here is what we think the alternative working methods would be in the absence of our beloved UpDesk standing desk.

1. La-Z-Ing Around

What if your office chair was actually a La-Z-Boy recliner? Full disclosure: this has actually been done but although its inventor promises it keeps his back from hurting we can't imagine that sitting in a cushy recliner all day would help strengthen those all-important core muscles that will ultimately keep chronic back pain at bay.

2. I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Why not try sitting on your best friend?! I mean what's better for the natural curve of your back than sitting on the natural curve of theirs? They might not be up for it...but then you'll know who your real friends are won't you? Give UpDesk a call and we'll be right over to act as your desk chair (but not really).

3. The Ultimate Workout

Want to get your legs in body-builder shape? Try squatting all day while working at your desk. Sure you might not be able to clearly see your computer screen through the painful tears. Sure all your documents may be covered in sweat. But your legs will be the size of tree trunks.

4. DO Take This Laying Down

If all else fails just set that computer down on the floor and go horizontal. Don't worry about the dirty floors of your office - they clean once a week don't they? Just make sure you find a spot that won't get your trampled on in case of emergency or cookies in the break room. The plus side is that anytime you feel like taking a quick nap you'll already be laying down.

Phew - living in a world without the UpDesk would just be the worst don't you think? You wouldn't be getting any of the health benefits found with standing desk and to be honest you'd probably just end up back in your normal desk chair instead of using one of these ridiculous alternatives...which could lead to one of 34 chronic diseases! Thankfully you'll never have to live in that nightmarish parallel universe of expanded waistlines decreased energy and just a whole lot of sitting around. Give us a call today if you're ready to see all the amazing things in store when you get your hands on (and your legs standing under) an UpDesk height adjustable desk.

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