It's clear that there are many long term benefits of working at a standing desk such as burning more calories and even boosting overall morale at work. But we live in a society of immediacy. We are used to instant gratification. So what are the benefits that you will feel during the very first day or even hours of working at an UpDesk?


During just the first minutes of working at a standing desk you will notice that you have the ability to move around as your body needs. When you are standing rather than sitting you can stretch and flex your muscles as needed. You are constantly aware of your body and what it needs.


Your blood circulation will immediately be improved while you stand which will increase your energy levels and focus. It's much harder to feel sleepy when you're standing. Most of us experience that mid-afternoon feeling of fatigue but you'll notice that fatigue is practically gone when you're not sitting in an office chair all day. This is because along with better blood circulation your blood sugar levels are more stable and your metabolism is more active.


Those using standing desks often also realize that their focus increases simply because they are standing. There is more of a sense of urgency when you are standing rather than just sitting at a basic computer desk. With increased focus and tasks are often completed at a quicker pace.

You could even take your focus and sense of urgency to the next level by using your UpDesk as a treadmill desk. And when you do need time to sit and think the UpDesk is still your answer since it is an adjustable height desk. You can go from standing to sitting and back again with ease.


Another immediate benefit of working at an UpDesk is that you will have more productive interaction with your colleagues. Rather than sitting at your computer and writing emails to co-workers that are just a desk away you can have a quick eye-level interaction. You will save time by talking quickly about the issue at hand rather than writing and replying to email after email.


When you're sitting all day you tend to slump your shoulders promoting poor posture. As you stand your posture improves and it is likely that you will have less back soreness because your core is more engaged.

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