We believe the standing desk is awesome. It provides health benefits and productivity that a sitting office desk just can't compete with. And even though we love our products at UpDesk we also believe that a healthy lifestyle includes time away from your stand up desk ... even if it's a treadmill desk. That's right--away from the computer away from your office and away from the clacking of your keyboard. Here are a few healthy lifestyle changes you can incorporate away from your desk.

Incorporate 'me' time

Everyone needs a little bit of time to himself or herself--it's not selfish; it's a necessity. Whether you're married single have kids or grandkids you need to incorporate a little bit of 'me' time into your day. What is 'me' time exactly? It could be going for a long run gardening reading a book drinking coffee in your living room or taking a nap. It should be something apart from work that rejuvenates you and gives you a more healthy lifestyle.

Get plenty of sleep

Okay so there are definitely people who can navigate life well on four hours of sleep but that's not the norm--at all. Be sure to get an appropriate amount of sleep (7-8 hours according to Mayo Clinic) so that you're not nodding off at your desk in the morning or craving an afternoon nap. Sleep is necessary for your body mind and emotional well-being so don't feel bad about catching a few extra zzz's.

Laughter is the best medicine

When is the last time you laughed? Not the polite laughter at cocktail parties or a quiet chuckle to yourself--I'm talking about a big belly laugh the kind that goes on for several minutes. Laughter is good for you so make sure to notice things around you that make you laugh--is it your kid's hilarious impersonation of their friend or a picture that speaks a thousand words (and laughs)? Maybe it's a friend that always knows how to get you going. If you're always thinking about work the bottom line and meetings you aren't adding enough laughter into your life.

Get active

Sure you can do a whole lot of exercise at your standing desk. Pilates yoga and even arm exercises. But we also recommend getting active away from your desk. That way you're less likely to think about the work that needs to be done since it won't be piled up in front of you as you do squats. An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle--so grab your running shoes your yoga mat find a gym and get to work.

Those are just a few ways we at UpDesk help incorporate health into our busy work lives. What are some ways you like to stay healthy away from your desk?

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