At UpDesk we're all about reinvention. That's why we invented our standing desk models in the first place; we want everyone to raise their standard in their work physical fitness and productivity. This means we're constantly on the lookout to improve our desks whether it's adding new colors (i.e. the Orange UpDesk and the UpWrite Midnight) new accessories or new office desks.

Here's our brand new desk and we're pretty proud of it. It's called the SquaredUp and it's awesome.

The SquaredUp features many of the same functions of our other desks; a touch-of-a-button adjustment electronically powered lift system a quick out-of-the-box set up and height adjustable capabilities. Here's the difference the SquaredUp is a square shape.

This means that simply by standing at your desk you can reach every important document and knick-nack on your desk (stress ball anyone?) but the depth provides ample room to house your computer and anything else you might usually have on your office desk. You can set it up flush against a wall or even in a corner and with the two size options you can decide which will fit best in your office. The SquaredUp comes in two colors: maple and black.

So there you have it: UpDesk's newest addition to the family. Be sure to check it out. You can order it here and with our snappy customer service and shipping you could be standing at your new standing desk in no time. Ready set stand!

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