We've got some news that should get you excited. The one-of-a-kind GeekBeat UpDesk has arrived.

The custom desk created exclusively for GeekBeat.TV still has everything you love about our signature standing desk - from the touch-of-a-button height adjustment 300lb. lifting capacity and affordable price - but with more exciting bells and whistles than you ever thought possible.

First off we've punched some holes in this bad boy - some strategic holes. Not only are there two cup holders at either end of the front of the GeekBeat UpDesk (because one is so obviously not enough) we've also placed two grommet holes in the left and right rear corners to keep your stand up desk uncluttered and free from cables. And if that wasn't enough you can even add our "Amazing Power Grommet" to your desk giving you two extra power outlets and four USB plugs right on your desk. Slap on that custom GeekBeat.TV sticker and you'll feel just like you're working at the Geek House.

Speaking of the GeekBeat.TV headquarters that's the whole reason this special edition standing desk is even available in the first place. GeekBeat.TV has been a friend of UpDesk for years ever since the influential site reviewed our very first PowerUp height adjustable desk. Back in March they announced that they would be moving into a brand new building - which they've aptly named the Geek House. So as a little housewarming gift we decided to outfit the Geek House with UpDesks. And then we decided to go one step further and design a one-of-a-kind desk just for them. Cali Lewis John P. and the whole team at GeekBeat.TV were sufficiently speechless. And we were sufficiently excited to create a killer new desk. And the brainstorming and prototype-making began.

Fast-forward to today and BOOM... the GeekBeat UpDesk is here! It's still as sleek and easy and full of benefits as every other UpDesk height adjustable desk. When it comes to helping you stay healthy and productive at work UpDesk will always help you stand out from the crowd.

And the best part? The GeekBeat/UpDesk stand up desk is available to anyone. Whether you work from an office or from home. Whether you like to stand all day or still reach for that office chair on occasion. Whether you're a loyal fan of GeekBeat.TV or just learning about them for the first time. (Seriously though go check them out.) Anyone can purchase this completely one-of-a-kind custom desk and at the same affordable price as always we know you can't wait to get your hands on one. The GeekBeat UpDesk comes in two sizes and you can choose from sleek black or our signature UpWrite whiteboard surface. Order your GeekBeat UpDesk today!

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