Have you been looking for a way to turn that crummy cubicle desk into a standing desk command center? Have you been looking for a way to try out the stand up desk life before making the decision to invest in a fully-functional height adjustable desk? Well then get ready for the UpDesk PopUp.

Sure there are lots of great DIY options to convert your sitting desk into a stand up desk. But UpDesk is kicking it up a notch with the PopUp. This revolutionary new member of the UpDesk family clamps easily and securely onto your existing desk giving you the ability to sit OR stand throughout the day. Here are five of our favorite features of the new PopUp desktop solution. 

  1. With just a few small supports the PopUp takes up minimal space leaving your desktop free for all those important memos...or so you can cultivate a creative workspace at your new standing desk.

  1. The PopUp comes as a single-monitor solution or you can purchase the dual-monitor setup for the ultimate stand up desk command center. It even has two attached platforms for your keyboard and priority documents so you'll never have to worry about aching back or neck pain.

  1. Pressurized controls allow you to adjust the height up to 18-inches with ease giving this stand up desk alternative a highly customizable height based on what you need.

  1. Guess how long it takes to get your PopUp standing desk solution up and running? Just 15-20 minutes. You can easily set it up and still make it to the staff meeting on time.

  1. And the very best part? The low price! Now you can experience all the benefits of a standing desk without having to break the bank.

Those are just our favorite features of the UpDesk PopUp...we can't wait to see what your favorite part will be! To learn more about this innovative new desktop solution from UpDesk check out the PopUp product page or call us at (615) 350-7085 today.

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