At UpDesk we're always thinking outside the box to help YOU think outside the box when it comes to your health and happiness at work and in life. Whether we're encouraging you to kick your office chair aside and kick back cancer by using a stand up desk helping you find healthy habits to incorporate into your work day or even inspiring a good old fashioned office dance party UpDesk wants to help you do your work to the very best of your abilities and enjoy doing it at the same time.

Which is why we're introducing a whole new kind of office accessory: the Spooner Board Pro. This indestructible board doesn't just look cool - it will improve your core strength stability coordination and even your motor skills. Plus there's no way you'll be able to fall asleep at your height adjustable desk when you're trying to keep your balance on this baby. Your energy will soar your productivity will profit and before you know it you'll be buying the UpDesk SquaredUp as your corner desk for that corner office you'll obviously be promoted to.

With the Spooner Board Pro there's no set up required - just pull it out of the box and you're ready to rock 'n roll while working at your desk watching TV at home or just looking for a way to rock spin tilt and even flip your way to a good time. And if you pair your new balance skills with some great exercises or yoga moves to keep fit at work you'll be starting even more than just a standing desk revolution in your office.

Whether you already have a height adjustable desk from UpDesk or are still trying to save up for that dream stand up desk the Spooner Board Pro is a great idea for anyone looking to have a strong healthy and all-around awesome life. And if you order your Spooner Board from UpDesk soon we'll just take those shipping costs and throw them right out the window. Order the Spooner Board online or give us a call at 615-350-7085. The Spooner Board Pro isn't just a balance board - it's a lifestyle.

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