If orange is the new black then at UpDesk black is the new white. Because of the popularity of the UpWrite our standing desk which features the first ever whiteboard desktop we're rolling out another writable desk and this one is black.

This brand new stand up desk is called the UpWrite Midnight and its black writable surface offers a new twist on our standing white desk.

With the UpWrite Midnight we've kept everything that our customers love about the UpWrite including the $1149 price and all of the writeable desk's capabilities such as the 300 lb. lifting capacity touch-of-a-button adjustment 20-minute out-of-the-box setup and other awesome qualities. But there's one notable change. Now you can get all that functionality in a sleep back desktop.

And with a black writing surface you can get funky with your writing. Dry and wet-erase markers can still be used on the UpWrite Midnight but you can't use dark markers such as black or blue. Instead add some sizzle to your desk with neon markers. Don't know where to find neon markers? Well we've got you covered there too. We'll include them when we ship your desk so you can be writing and doodling in no time.

UpWrite Midnight's lead time is slightly longer around 3-4 weeks simply because we haven't totally integrated it into our line yet. Instead we want to know if you our customers like it. And if you think that black should stay as an option. If the demand is high enough the Midnight will become something we permanently offer in our desk lineup.

If you've had a hankering for a new stand up desk or want to switch out your sitting office desk for a standing desk now is your chance. Raise your standard and order your UpDesk today. Give us a call at 615-350-7085 or shoot over an email to WhatsUp@UpDesk.com to start making a stand today.

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