From the very beginning UpDesk has strived to reinvent the way people interact with their workspace and today has raised that standard even further. We're excited to announce the launch of the UpWrite which is the first ever height-adjustable whiteboard topped desk.

The UpWrite was created to encourage spontaneous collaboration with coworkers capture ideas instantaneously and allow the user to virtually go paperless. The entire whiteboard surface works great with both wet and dry erase markers.

Along with the launch of the new UpWrite desk we've upgraded to our "Series 2" PowerUp. We've followed today's minimalist design aesthetics even closer and developed a desk that makes a sleek addition to any modern home office or workplace.

"Series 2" is different from a "Series 1" in the following ways:

1) It has the ability to rise to 50.5 inches in height as opposed to only 42.5 inches. The extra height easily accommodates treadmills. Additionally the height of the desk can reach 53.5 inches if you use our wheel set.

2) The controller has a more modern look and features an energy-saver digital readout. It still offers three programmable presets as well.

3) New reinforced steel footings for better stability all round.

4) Less than 20 minute out-of-the-box assembly time.

5) No crossbeam between the legs.

6) An upgraded cable management channel.

7) Quieter operation.

The pricing of the "Series 2" PowerUps will not change. They range from $899 to $999 depending on the size. The UpWrite is priced at $1149 and is only available in a size medium (60" x 30") with a titanium frame/edging band. The new PowerUps and UpWrite are available for order online at

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