Introverts and extroverts. They may seem like two completely different types of people. Two completely different types of employees. But when it comes to work the differences between extroverts and introverts can actually result in a stronger office. How do you build an office environment that encourages the different personalities of your employees while still keeping everyone collaborating well?

If you're a regular reader of the UpDesk blog you may have noticed that we've been talking about what you need to know to work well with both introverts and extroverts. Last week we focused on how to help create a workspace that will help introverts shine so we're betting you can guess who gets to be center now...

This week: giving extroverts the space to work well.

Lately there's been a lot of hype around introverts and how to help them.

Thanks to books like Susan Cain's XXX the past few years have seen a lot of attention turned toward introverts and how to maximize their potential in a "world that can't stop talking." But extroverts need to feel the love too. The trick is balance and here are three easy ways you can create a working environment that makes extroverts feel just as empowered as introverts.

1. Everyone Needs a Little Peace & Quiet...Extroverts Included

Just like introverts aren't people who always want to be alone extroverts aren't people who always want to be around a dozens of people. And while open layouts are preferable to office cubicles for pretty much anyone who wants to stay sane even extroverts need some personal space every once in a while. Designated "quiet" spaces in the office can be just as helpful for extroverts as they are for introverts. And if you include a standing desk like the UpWrite - with brainstorming space right on the top of the desk - both extroverts and introverts will undoubtedly emerge with even more great ideas to help your business grow.

2. Provide Opportunities for Verbal Processing...and Let Creative Thinking Flow

Extroverts work best when they are allowed to verbally talk through ideas and projects. While introverts might need solo time to think quietly extroverts often need time to process aloud in order to develop their thoughts exchange feedback and discuss different strategies before committing to one solution or plan. And the extrovert's ability to brainstorm aloud will keep everyone on their toes and thinking of new ideas and about how to make them work. Giving extroverts the time and space to verbally process is a great way to keep office creativity and employee interaction flowing. And if you invest in a stand up desk for your employees they'll be collaborating even more.

3. Create Space for Team Building...and Let Extroverts Lead the Charge

At the end of the day everyone needs a little social interaction...even introverts. And the great thing about extroverts is that they are often walking into rooms thinking about who they can interact with. Extroverts can be great cultivators of social relationships keeping office morale high and building relationships. Encourage that! While it is important to protect solitary time for introverts it's equally important to give extroverts opportunities to be with their coworkers and keep everyone feeling like they're on the same team.

Designing a workspace that empowers your employees to be productive and successful may start with understanding their personality types but it doesn't stop there. Whether you work with an introvert or an extrovert a stander or a sitter UpDesk is here to make everyone feel healthy and happy at work...and that means it may be time to invest in standing desks for your staff. Working from a height adjustable desk not only keeps over 34 chronic diseases at bay it encourages an active lifestyle and even tends to lead to some pretty epic work dance parties. Although there may be some differences to keep track of when creating ideal office environments for extroverts and introverts the benefits of a stand up desk is one thing everyone can agree on.

If you're ready to order a height adjustable desk for everyone in your office give UpDesk a call today at (615) 350-7085 and explore all the possibilities to help your office thrive.

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