This is the fifth column in the lauded "Dear Kamron" series in which Kamron discusses standing desks office politics and other work-related issues. This week Kamron takes questions from folks who have experienced mysterious increases in their productivity and energy levels at work. As always names and details are completely fictional except the details about UpDesk standing desks. Those details are completely true.

Dear Kamron

I'm the logistics specialist for a stucco factory in Albuquerque New Mexico. Every house in New Mexico is finished in stucco so I've got stacks of work waiting for me every time I sit down at my computer desk. I have two mobile phones that I use to keep up with our distributor network plus a tablet that I use to run our inventory software. Then there's my laptop plus all the usual office supplies. Organizationally my desk is usually a disaster zone and it's always been hard for me to keep up with work. But two weeks ago I got a new standing office desk - an UpDesk SquaredUp - and ever since then I've been getting a lot more done each day. I can't figure out why I'm so much more efficient and I'm worried that it's a temporary thing! The only change I've made is getting the new desk but whoever heard of a desk improving productivity?

Signed Miss Mysteriously Productive

Dear Miss Mysteriously Productive

Don't worry - I've identified the source of your productivity increase and it isn't temporary. It's the ergonomic curve of your SquaredUp standing desk. You might've thought we just put that curve there so you'd feel like you were flying a spaceship but it's actually intended to make you more efficient at work. The curve allows you to quickly access every area of your desk. That's why an UpDesk standing desk is perfect for someone like you who's constantly switching between different devices.

You can relax and enjoy your newfound productivity because it's there to stay!

Happy Standing


Dear Kamron

I'm a freelance music composer in Seattle. My biggest client is The Sleep Center a company that tests people for sleep apnea. I spend about eight hours a day sitting at my computer desk composing music that's supposed to put people to sleep as quickly as possible. In the past I'm really good at writing this type of music. In fact I might be a little TOO good because until last week I've had trouble staying awake while working. But last week I had a new UpDesk UpWrite delivered and I think it's interfering with my ability to write sleepy songs! I'm not doing anything differently during the writing process (other than standing about half the time) but the songs just aren't putting me to sleep the way they used to. Have I lost my edge?

Signed (No Longer) Sleepy in Seattle

Dear (No Longer) Sleepy in Seattle

I've got good news for you but I've got a little bad news too. The good news is that your new standing desk is not hurting your ability to compose sleepy songs. Your "sleepy-time songs" don't put you to sleep anymore because you have more energy at work and that's because you've got an UpDesk! You see most people find that standing at their UpDesk for about 30 minutes every hour tends to improve their energy and focus! The bad news is that you might not be as good at your job as you thought... you might've just been sleepy because you had a traditional office desk.

Happy Standing!

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