Your office desk is your home away from home unless you work from home in which case it's your home AT home. Either way many of us spend a big portion of our day working at our computer desks. Here are a few ways you can customize your office to make it a place that's healthier more comfortable and more fun.

Sitting at your computer desk for too long isn't healthy. Hopefully that's not really news to you. A quality standing desk like an UpDesk SquaredUp can help you stay healthier by keeping you on your toes. When it comes to customizing your workspace health isn't so much of a preference; it's more of a necessity. But we think everyone prefers improved health and productivity and that's why so many people are switching to UpDesk standing desks and accessories. If you're happy with your current conventional-style desk but you'd like to be able to stand up while you work check out our PopUp. It's an affordable way to customize your workspace without completely replacing your desk. And it's portable enough that you can move it between desks if you need to.

We know that standing is healthy. But is it comfortable? One of our favorite UpDesk office accessories is the Smart Step Companion Mat. It's comfortable but it's still ergonomically sound. That means that it's not super-squishy like that ridiculous oversized sofa your grandparents have because that would actually put more strain on your feet as they are forced to balance. Instead it's made of SmartTechTM Polyurethane that provides unmatched comfort and durability. It's a great way to customize your workspace to ensure that standing is just as comfortable as sitting.

Here's the fun part of customizing your standing desk: picking out accessories that are fun. After all fun is fun! And what's more fun than keeping your mind and body agile and active? Check out our Spooner Boards. Don't be fooled by the extreme guy in the photo: You don't need to be a professional skateboarder to use a Spooner Board Pro. People of all ages have customized their office desk with a Spooner Board. Just stand on your board and rock back and forth while you work. It's an easy way to improve core strength stability and balance. If you really want to get wild in the office you can even spin slide tilt or flip.

You spend too much time at your desk to have it be a bad fit. Whether you've got a standing desk or a conventional office desk accessorize your office with a PopUp or one of our unique accessories. When you raise your standard with UpDesk you'll find your office space is a little healthier more comfortable and more fun.

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