July has flown by like a jet in the sky--and it's been a fun full month. Twitter was especially entertaining and I wanted to share a few of my favorite Tweets of the month with all of you standing desk fans and users.

New UpDesk owner Ian tweeted right before he received his new stand up desk. With his new desk the Monday blahs are officially over ... for now. It's like Christmas morning!


Ian also posted a photo of two things that made me stop in my tracks: an UpDesk and perched right on top of said UpDesk a half-full glass of Pilsner Urquell the first pilsner beer in the world-- a bottom-fermented beer produced since 1842 in Pilsen. Ian tweeted "I love the future. @UpDesk meet @Pilsner_Urquell. @Pilsner_Urquell this is @UpDesk. Cheers!" We'll cheers to that for sure. Congrats on your new desk man!


One of our UpWrite office desk users Richard tweeted a pretty heart-melting photo captioned "There is nothing better than seeing this on your desk first thing in the morning. Thanks to @UpDesk." So what did he see? A sweet message from his kids that said "Daddy you are awesome. Always remember that we love u." Just think--if you traded in your office chair for an UpWrite you could have every morning start like Richard's--awesomely.


A shout-out from David Pogue got us really excited--so excited that I blogged about it. If you don't know who he is David Pogue was the New York Times' personal technology columnist for 13 years creator of Yahoo Tech and has even won two Emmy Awards. The fact that he loved our standing desk made us pretty elated.



And finally GeekBeat got outfitted with new UpDesk apparel and to say their company was excited is an understatement. We love our partnership with them and are looking forward to seeing how their new office furniture plays a part in employee morale environment and health.


As you can see July was a fun month both online and offline. Congratulations to all the new UpDesk owners that received their new desk this month; here's to another great month coming up!

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