Whenever I need a little pep in my step I head over to Instagram. But generally it's not to peruse photos of my friends on vacation or look at funny pictures of cats; instead I love to to interact with UpDesk users on the photo sharing site.

Seeing the ways our clients are excited about their new standing desk how they organize their home office furniture around their UpDesk or the lack of an office chair in their space gets me really excited. It's all about the clients.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite Instagrams from the month of June. You might glean some inspiration for your office desk or at the very least get amped about someday owning a stand up desk of your own.


A new UpDesk user in Baton Rouge LA works for a pretty cool company; she got a new standing office desk complete with a sign welcoming her to the legion of UpDesk users.


GeekBeat stopped by our headquarters where we're working on a special edition desk for them--and outfitting their entire office with standing desks. Plus they've met an important part of our family: Upton our gorilla.


A client in San Francisco CA professes his love for the new (and many) UpDesks that arrived at his company.

Do you have a picture of your UpDesk? Share it with us via Instagram or Twitter; you could be featured in next month's roundup--and it would totally make our day!

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