At UpDesk we're always on the lookout for great ways to help you have a healthier work-life balance...even if you feel like you work too much. Whether it's with a fun and fresh take on the height adjustable desk (like the UpWrite's whiteboard surface or the SquaredUp's corner desk shape) exercises to pair with your standing desk or even fun snacks to keep you energized we're here to help you think of creative ways to care for your whole body even when you're at work.

Of course our first priority is always to help you kick the bad habit of sitting all day at your desk. We're not advocating for you to stand 8-hours a day either which is exactly why our height adjustable desks can move to the perfect height for standing or sitting at the simple touch of a button or light-touch crank mechanism. Now that you've kicked aside that boring static office desk it's time to kick aside that boring office chair too. Here are a few great seating alternatives that will keep you moving and holding onto good posture all day.

Balance Board

This one's our favorite - and not just because we've just released our awesome Spooner Board Pro. The benefits of a balance board are pretty much endless - everything from increased coordination to better core strength to heightened focus. You actually don't even have to practice targeted exercises to benefit from a balance board. Just by standing still and maintaining balance throughout your day you'll start seeing benefits.

Fitness Ball or Fitness Ball Chair

If you feel the need to lower your desk go ahead and do it. We don't think you need to stand all day we just want you to keep moving and grooving throughout the day and when you replace your desk chair with a fitness ball or fitness ball chair you'll do just that. Not only do fitness balls engage and strengthen your core muscles they also help realign your spine and improve your posture relieving and preventing lower-back pain in the process.

Adjustable Ergonomic Stool

Ergonomic stools are a great way to improve your posture and are especially helpful for people who can't stay in one place for too long. This fidget-friendly seating alternative will let you wiggle and move while working which actually helps lots of people focus better on their work. And since most stools are height-adjustable you can maintain the freedom to sit at a sitting or standing desk.

With these fun seating alternatives sitting or standing will actually turn into a dynamic and fun experience at work. Kick out that boring desk chair get that height adjustable desk at the perfect place and kill your the best way possible.

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