We've all read articles saying sitting can slowly kill you. That's why we are such huge advocates for using a standing desk and only utilizing your desk chair for short sitting breaks. And research continues to support that truth. Research from the University of Regensburg in Germany finds that sitting at work and other sedentary behaviors is linked with higher chances of colon endometrial and lung cancer.

But get this: even if you don't sit all day your chance of these various cancers is heightened the longer you sit. According to the study which tracked almost 70000 cancer cases every two-hour increase in sitting correlates with an 8% increase in the risk of colon cancer 10% increase for endometrial cancer and 6% for lung cancer.

How can you combat this? Limit your time sitting at your desk. If you're uncomfortable with the thought of standing all day at a standing desk you don't need to stand for the full eight or nine hours you're at work. But you should certainly take breaks throughout the day to stand walk stretch and incorporate a little activity into your work day. Maybe it means you schedule a "walking meeting" instead of a long droning sitting meeting or perhaps you go for a short walk around your work's perimeters at lunch instead of enjoying lunch at your office desk.

It's crucial to incorporate movement into your work day especially as this study shows that no amount of exercise affects the relationship between sitting and cancer. Sitting: it can be dangerous. Try to find new ways every week to stand instead of sit and to walk instead of drive. Now you may be asking yourself "Self do you think there is an easy way to add more standing into our work life?" We have an answer and its by using a standing desk of course. You can find more information about our state of the art desks here.

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