If you need to know anything about UpDesk you need to know that we love dancing. Dancing at work. Dancing in the streets. Even dancing on the ceiling when the occasion (or Lionel Richie) calls for it. Not only does dancing help keep the sedentary behaviors that cause cancer at bay... It's just a darn good time. And judging from the reaction and buzz surrounding our first post with dance moves to get your office on the move it looks like you love dancing almost as much as we do. We're rewarding you with a new installment of killer dance moves for killer UpDesk... And this time we're focusing on classic dance moves from your favorite TV shows.

So get your legs moving and your hips shaking with these awesomely fun dance moves for your UpDesk standing desk.

If the chicken dance was already famous Arrested Development made it infamous. Capture the insanity of your own little work "family" and get everyone in the office to create a chicken move of their own. Flap wide. Cluck loud. Kick high. Whatever you do it's bound to be better than Lucille's version. (Just remember to give yourself extra room - chicken dances can get a little intense and you don't want to kick over that discarded office chair you got rid of months ago.)

Oh Elaine how we love you and your awful awful dancing. Of the many amazingly awkward things Seinfeld gave us Elaine's "dry heave set to music" was surely one of the best. and you too can make your co-workers laugh in amazement for your dancing skills... Although we can't promise that they will be laughing with you. Luckily your stand up desk will surely give you plenty of legroom to do this move right at your desk.

Let's be real. There is no better dance in the history of all television dancing than "The Carlton" from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You may have started a standing desk revolution in your office but once you master this move you will surely be the king or queen of your office.

With these classic TV moves your height adjustable desk will be the perfect partner for a dance-filled life of health and happiness. If you're ready to start practicing killer moves at your standing desk give UpDesk a call today at 615-350-7085 or shoot us an email at WhatsUp@UpDesk.com

Did we miss one of your all-time favorite TV dance moves? Let us know in the comments section below.

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