The benefits of a standing desk range from everything from better posture to better focus to better productivity. Stand up desks keep your muscles engaged and your body active throughout the day keeping that dreaded sitting disease (plus over 34 other chronic illnesses) at bay. Whether you've just decided to make the switch to a standing desk or you've been saving up for months picking the right desk to fit your needs can be a big deal. That's why UpDesk is here to help. Here is everything you need to know about the three types of stand up desk options and how to decide which one is best for you.

Standing Desk Solution #1: Desktop Attachments

The first type of stand up desk option you need to know about is the simplest option. Maybe you're not ready to invest in the price of a more permanent solution. Maybe you're stuck in an office cubicle that won't allow for an actual standing desk. Whatever the reason a simple desktop attachment can work wonders and have you feeling the benefits of a stand up desk even if you can't stand while you work all the time. Desktop attachments - either the ones you can buy or the ones you can make yourself - are great for first-time standers. And while desktop attachments aren't as easy to adjust as a height adjustable desk they are a versatile way to get a feel for standing while you work without investing too much money before you decide what works best for you. If you're just starting to test the waters of standing while you work a desktop attachment is a great first step to the standing desk life.

Standing Desk Solution #2: Stand-Only Desk

The second type of stand up desk option is a stand-only desk which just as it sounds is a desk that stands at a fixed height and cannot be adjusted. The main benefit of stand-only desks is that they offer the same advantages of standing while you work and are a very low-cost option. However the very reason they are inexpensive is also one of the major drawbacks: these desks are not adjustable and their fixed height might not be a fit for your height or body profile. And in fact while some people assume they should just throw the office chair out the window and start off standing strong it's actually better to ease your way into standing rather than quit sitting cold-turkey. That's why if you get a stand-only desk you'll likely want to invest in a tall stool or have an extra desk that you can sit at nearby. The great thing is workstation popcorn is actually really good for you. Stand-only desks are great for first-time standers who are still figuring out the standing desk life and have the ability to move from one workstation to another as needed.

Standing Desk Solution #3: Height Adjustable Desk

The third stand up desk option is the height adjustable desk. And this just so happens to be the best option we think. While sit-to-stand desks can be a bit more expensive they are the best way to build a healthy life around standing while you work. For one thing height adjustable desks can be adjusted within a wide range of heights which means you can make sure your desk always matches your unique height and body type. For another height adjustable desks allow you to go from sitting to standing (and back again) in a matter of seconds and with just one touch of a button - or in the case of the CrankUp desk just one turn of the crank. This allows you to transition into standing while you work in a healthy way and keeps your whole body - from head to toe - engaged and active all day long. Plus you won't have to waste time constantly moving your work from one workstation to another. If you're ready to make the investment and commit to the standing desk life height adjustable desks are the very best way to go.

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