If you're the proud owner of an UpDesk you've entered an exciting realm of possibilities. When you have a standing desk there are so many additional products you can add on to your new desk and they'll benefit your health while you work. We're not talking about our accessories this time; we're thinking outside-of-box...


The treadmill desk trend isn't going away anytime soon. It incorporates cardio into the workday and especially for those who work long hours it really does kill two birds with one stone. While a treadmill added to your UpDesk certainly takes up more space than a typical desk it's an innovative and fun way to work if you have the room. Plus you'll easily get to your recommended 10000 steps a day... And then some.

Stationary Bike

Here's another reason why an UpDesk stand up desk is worth the investment: since you can purchase adjustable height desks you can use a variety of products under your desk. Let us explain. Like we said before you can stick a treadmill under your standing desk. You can also add a stationary bike--which wouldn't be possible if you had a regular sitting desk; can you imagine how bruised your knees would get? With the flexibility our adjustable height desks offer you can go from walking on a treadmill to riding on a stationary bike to sitting on an exercise ball--all in a day's work.

Exercise Ball

We mentioned exercise balls--and here's why we like them. If you need to take a break from standing you should still be treating your body with respect--and not just slumping in an office chair. Enter: the exercise ball. You can sit on it but the ball also helps strengthen your core improve your balance and stability and burn calories.

Wobble Board

Have you heard of a wobble board? It's also known as a balance board and is used for everything from recreation to athletic training to brain development and even therapy. In this instance we want you to use it for the key physical benefits it brings. A wobble board looks similar to a small seesaw and the user must keep the board balanced enough so that neither edge touches the ground. Talk about an ab workout! Your balance motor coordination weight distribution and core strength could all improve just by using a wobble board while working.

At UpDesk we strive to provide high quality standing desks to our customers simply because we believe the benefits are too phenomenal to pass up. We're rooting for you if you decide to lose your office chair and commit to an UpDesk - you (and your body) have an opportunity to feel better and work better.

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