Are you stressed busy and exhausted? Most people at work feel a little stressed at times. But that stress can really take a toll on your health and your job performance. It's important to find simple ways to make your days at the office more relaxed and productive.

Here are just a few tips we've gathered to help you feel less stressed more productive and maybe even a little bit happier.

  • Schedule your day: This is fairly obvious. Meetings and phone calls are usually scheduled ahead of time. But are you scheduling time for yourself? It may sound selfish but if you don't make time for your own physical and emotional health during a long workday you are not only hurting yourself but those around you. A few ways to care for yourself while at work:
  • Take breaks to walk or stretch and increase your energy and focus. If you are working at a standing desk these breaks will not be quite as vital. Your focus and energy will be better maintained throughout your day just by standing.
  • Take breaks to sit. You may not believe it but if you are working at a standing desk taking breaks to sit in a comfortable office chair is actually important too. Height adjustable desks from UpDesk are perfect for those who want to spend the most time standing but also need time to sit and rest throughout their busy day.
  • Listen to some good tunes: Music can really change your attitude. Listening to some good music while you work or even during a quick break can help you destress.
  • Exercise: It can be really hard to fit a regular workout routine into your day. But consistent physical activity can greatly reduce stress anxiety and depression. With an UpDesk you can add a treadmill or stationary bike to your desk. Even if you don't want to go so far as to add exercise equipment to your desk there are easy and fun ways to get in some physical activity while working at your standing desk.

Prioritize and Organize: Keep your desktop organized by investing in some small desk accessories like a letter organizer and pen holder. Decluttering can really help clear your mind.

  • Prioritizing your day will be easier when you feel organized. Keep lists and a calendar of what you need to accomplish each day and try not to overdo it. You can write your calendar or lists on our UpWrite writing desk or keep a calendar tacked to your wall. Just take a little time each morning to get organized.

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