At UpDesk we're all about helping you create a healthy life on every level. Whether it's by experiencing the immediate benefits of a height adjustable desk eating a healthy breakfast for all-day energy or even taking a quick dance break to let off some steam. And we're also all about helping you incorporate these healthy habits into every aspect of your life.

Of course given that we are a leading standing desk company our main priority is helping you establish a healthy life while at work. After all it is where you spend 40+ hours a week. And if there's one thing that the office life gives you that other more solitary jobs don't it's power in numbers. Think about it you've got a whole group of people to keep you accountable to your health and wellness goals. Here are four easy tips on starting a health team in your office:

Get Moving (or Standing) During That Meeting

Did you know that standing or even walking during a meeting can help increase your productivity and success at work? Not only does standing improve group collaborationwalking actually gets your creative juices flowing. So take those boring sitting meetings out of the conference room and get your coworkers walking and talking.

Take Active Lunch Breaks

When it comes to exercising and staying healthy at work a little bit can actually go a long way - especially when you've already adopted the stand up desk life. Start an office walking club and opt for a quick 30-minute walk during your lunch breaks. Get those eyes off the computer screen walk outside and breath some fresh air. You don't need to break too much of a sweat to experience the benefits of a more active lifestyle with your coworkers.

There's An App for That

As with pretty much everything in our smartphone world there are actually some really great options for tracking your eating exercise and overall health on your phone or mobile device. Our favorite intro app for offices on the move is MyFitnessPal because it combines everything from calorie counting to exercise tracking to social media sharing adding that much-needed level of accountability. With this easy-to-use app (available for iPhone Android and Windows smartphones) you can track how many calories you gain (from the food you eat) and lose (from the exercise you practice) and share it with your "friends" on the app. Lucky for you we think there's even a "standing at work" exercise option on the app to help you count all those calories you're burning while keeping your butt out of that office chair.

Get On That Standing Desk Train

Okay we admit it - we're a little biased. But stand up desks truly are a great way to encourage collective employee health. It's no secret that standing instead of sitting is good for you but it may take a few weeks to fully get the hang of it. If everyone in your office has a height adjustable desk you can set community standing times and community sitting times to help everyone make the transition in a safe and healthy way.

If you're ready to get healthy with your office and want to start by incorporating a height adjustable desk from UpDesk into your work get in touch with us today. From whiteboard surfaces to corner desk options we've got all your standing desk desires covered and can't wait to get started with you today!

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