When you stand while you work you're actually making small movements all day to keep your muscles from tightening or atrophying. Whether you're shifting your feet doing a few quick exercises or balancing on the UpDesk Spooner Board Pro working at a stand up desk helps keep your muscles loose and your mind focused so you can stay productive and successful at work.

But even with all the benefits of a standing desk your neck and back still may get a bit sore during those long work days. Here are a few quick and easy stretches that you can do while standing (or sitting) at your desk to keep those vital muscles spry:

  1. The Unreachable Itch - You know those moments when you're trying to reach that itch on your back but just can't get there? That's actually a great stretch for your back. Drop one hand behind your back so that your elbow is sticking straight up and then gently pull your elbow down with your opposite hand so you feel the stretch on your side back and arm. Switch sides and repeat.

  1. The Toe Touch - Still periodically using that office chair at your height adjustable desk? Put it to good use by sitting down extending your legs and gently reaching towards your toes. Keep your neck soft and just spend a few seconds studying the carpet.

  1. The Rapper's Delight - Jay-Z may have to brush that dirt off his shoulder but all you have to do is shrug. While standing slowly raise both shoulders toward your ears. Slowly drop them back down and repeat while you insist to your boss that you are still listening to her talk about her next big idea.

  1. The Daydreamer - Take a minute and stare into the clouds while you clasp your hands behind your back push your chest out and raise your chin. This is a great stretch to do while working at your stand up desk as it will stretch your whole body all the way from your neck to your knees.

  1. The Picture Day - Ah the days of graceless school photos when you had to sit on that little stool and tilt your head for a noticeably off-kilter look. Gently pull your head toward each shoulder and channel your inner 13-year-old. Don't worry we won't judge you for those awkward middle-school years. 

With these five simple stretches you'll be feeling limber all day and really be able to maximize the benefits of your standing desk.


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