There's one saying that always seems to start popping up around December 31: "a new year means a new you!" While we think that's a great sentiment we don't think that it's completely necessary. You don't need a whole new you - maybe you just need a few new goals to keep life balanced and healthy. And since we know that making major life resolutions can be a bit daunting here are five easy New Year's resolutions you can focus on solely during your work day. Wait and see though...we bet that keeping these resolutions during your work day will actually lead to amazing results outside those 9-5 hours as well.

1. Get a Standing Desk - This is your number one New Year's resolution..and not just because we make them. The truth is a height adjustable desk can actually make a host of other resolutions even more possible. Because when you kick aside the office chair and take a stand while you work it sets you on the right path to building better habits all around. The benefits of a stand up desk are immediate and direct sure. But they're also stepping stones in creating a holistically healthy and balanced life.

2. Drink More Water - If there's one thing that can dramatically increase your health by consuming more of it it's water. Not only is water is the best form of hydration and energy it also keeps your immune system in tip-top shape and ready to fight off any winter colds that all your coworkers will try to give you at the beginning of the year. So go ahead kick the coffee in 2015...and replace it with nature's best resource.

3. Eat Breakfast - Eating breakfast may not seem like a big deal but it really is. When you eat a healthy and hearty meal at the start of the day you jumpstart your metabolism and kickstart your energy levels to keep you focused and working hard all day. And when you eat that great breakfast while standing at your desk you'll already be in a great position (literally) to help your body start using those calories for good throughout the day.

4. Exercise More...At Your Stand Up Desk - We know we know - "exercise more" is the most popular New Year's resolution in America every year. But it's also the least likely to actually be accomplished every year. Change things up by tying your goal of better fitness directly to your standing desk. When you can do simple exercises or yoga moves (or maybe even pilates) while standing at your desk working out more will come naturally.

5. Take Regular Breaks - Here's the thing about work - the most productive moments and successful results come out of a place of peace and rest. When you're stressed out from working all the time it can actually have a negative effect on the work you're trying so desperately to accomplish. So in 2015 get in the habit of taking a break. Get outside for a quick walk - it will boost your creativity. Take a lunch break - we've got a whole list of awesome things to do during it. Heck just walk away from your desk and take a few minutes to breathe deeply - it will keep stress at bay and get rid of the eyestrain that comes from staring at a computer screen all day.

With these five easy resolutions that you can focus on while at work you'll be well on your way not to a new you in 2015 but to a more healthy and happy you for sure. And if you're ready to supercharge the beginning of this new year with a height adjustable desk from UpDesk get in touch today! From the UpWrite desk with a whiteboard surface for all your great ideas to the SquaredUp corner desk that can keep all your important documents (and favorite knick-knacks) within reach UpDesk has got you covered when it comes to making 2015 your best year yet!

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