You probably heard it here first: Sitting can kill you. But it turns out that we're not the only ones extolling standing desks and their health benefits. Our new friends at WPIX a major New York TV news station recently featured the UpDesk PowerUp in a news report about the dangers of sitting too much at your office desk. The good folks at WPIX spoke to a few different medical professionals and each one made suggestions about the benefits of standing. They also referred to a World Health Organization study that called sitting - being too sedentary - the 4th highest cause of death worldwide. Here are a few other details from the WPIX 11 news segment:

It's Complicated!

One of the doctors interviewed by WPIX pointed out that when you spend too much time sitting at your computer desk (or any office desk for that matter) you begin to lose flexibility in your spine. That doesn't sound like too much fun to us. But it gets more complicated because when you lose flexibility in your spine your circulation can be impaired. In addition fluid can build up in your spine and your muscles and when fluid builds up your body becomes more vulnerable to infections and sickness.

Biomechanics and Stuff...

We've always loved the word "biomechanics" because it just sounds awesome. Anyway in their news special WPIX also talked to physical therapist John Gallucci Jr. who discussed the biomechanics of sitting at a desk too much. He explained that as the spine loses flexibility the body goes into "compensatory patterns" that result in other parts of the body (Gallucci mentioned the hips) becoming less flexible. In other words it's sort of a biomechanical chain-reaction. And while that's a combination of words that sounds pretty cool we're confident that it's not the kind of thing that would feel good.

The Simple Solution

Yes sitting can result in all kinds of unpleasant physical complications. Fortunately there's a simple way to avoid those complications: Make the switch to a standing desk like an UpDesk PowerUp. Watch the WPIX video if you want to see just how well the twin motors raise and lower the high-quality desktop. The folks at Channel 11 were impressed and we think you will be too. Head on over to our website and check out the great selection of standing desks. While you're there take a look at our revamped accessories page. Be informed that we don't carry the two accessories requested by the anchor of the WPIX segment... But that's just because she requested a microwave and a refrigerator. Don't believe us? Watch the segment and see.

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