Being productive while at your computer desk is one of the most important parts of working in an office (except during March Madness when basketball is the biggest priority). The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine wrote that Americans lose 11-14% of their productivity-potential each day. Moving between a sitting position and a standing position at your office desk can improve focus and consequently that improves productivity. It's a benefit of our standing desks and it's one that we've mentioned plenty of times. We usually talk about it in the context of working at an office desk. But focus affects productivity in educational situations too. That's probably why standing desks are starting to show up in schools. One of the latest examples can be seen in a Newburyport News article about Molin Upper Elementary in Newburyport Maine.

Newburyport News recently wrote about how Molin Upper Elementary School purchased 16 stand up desks for students to use. Since schools aren't known for being over-funded the purchase demonstrates the amount of value that this school places on improving focus and productivity. It also hints at the degree to which focus and productivity can be improved with the right standing desk. The National Education Association studied this benefit a few years ago and came to the conclusion that moving improves children's focus especially while they're engaged in complicated mental tasks.

Teachers at Molin Upper Elementary have noticed tangible improvements in more than just student focus - the standing desks have also improved classroom behavior. That's partially due to the fact that the desks are equipped with bike pedal devices that allow students to silently burn off a little excess energy. As one teacher pointed out this helps to keep students from banging writing utensils or making other noises.

It's a concept that certainly translates to your UpDesk computer desk and that's good because we grownups sometimes need a little help with focus too. With a SmartStep Supreme anti-fatigue floor mat you can walk in place dance stand on one foot or just about any other movement-related activity. You'll find that adding a little movement to your office routine can make tedious tasks more bearable. And with a treadmill you can do all that and burn calories at the same time. It's a great reason to consider an UpDesk standing desk. For more information on how you can boost your productivity and focus check out our website.

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